Favorite books of 2008….

Posted on Jan 29, 2009 in Doomed Queens

In further Doomed Queens news, guess whose book was included among them in Books on the Nightstand‘s favorite books of 2008 list?

Books on the Nightstand features illuminating conversations about books and reading. I’m beyond thrilled to be included among such stellar company! Learn more or listen to their podcast here.

Hey, only two more days to go in my January blogathon! For my final day on Saturday, January 31st, I’m planning a big raffle for my blog readers. One of the items is a tarot reading with me; the second is a framed Doomed Queens print; and the third will be revealed on the 31st.


  1. 1-29-2009

    Very cool!

  2. 1-29-2009


    Jane Kennedy Sutton

  3. 1-29-2009

    congratulations! and … lovely cover on Doomed Queens. Framed print you say? Hmmmm…

  4. 1-31-2009

    Nice blog! I really dig this design. Totally groovy. I need to check out Books on the Nightstand. That is one I have yet to visit.

    Have a great 2009!

    Angela Wilson