A work of both art and scholarship, SACRED ANIMALS is a stunning picture book for animal lovers of all ages.

From the beginning of time, people have watched and wondered at the animals with which they share the earth. Over the centuries thousands of stories have sprung up around animals, many based in truth, others the products of pure imagination, but all of them celebrating the magic and mystery of the natural world.

As she did in the best-selling THE BOOK OF GODDESSES, Kris Waldherr has combed the world’s major mythologies to create an inspiring multicultural collection of images and information. Dazzling full color portraits of legendary creatures and mythical beasts are accompanied by lively, well-researched commentaries that explore each of sixteen animals’ special significance in the traditions of diverse cultures and religions.

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e-book: iPad and iPhone, NOOK ePub, Kindle; 206 pages. Over 130 illustrations.

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“This splendid book captures the rich diversity of animals as depicted in story, myth, and nature…. Glorious, illuminated color illustrations, with exquisite decorative borders are certain to engage browsers.” – Booklist